Facebook is the opium of the people

This imitation of the famous quote from Karl Marx „Religion is the opium of the people“ should point to the problem that large data companies cause to rule of law in the whole world.

If you still beliefe „privacy is for tinfoil hats“ – try out this interactive documentation!

„A computer model based on 250 likes [on facebook] is better than your own wife or husband at judging your personality.“
This tough quote is from Michal Kosinski, Stanford University. He sayed that in the interactive Arte documentation „do not track“ in episode3. I really encourage you to give it a try – it opened my eyes!

Logo of the interactive documentation by art

Collection of articles that describe the evil of facebook

Here is a summary of articles and information that should describes how huge companies and especially Facebook spread despotism and unethical and evil all over the world.

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