Install keepass2 with keepasshttp

After installing LunaOS a bunch of times, I’ll start with installing keepass2 on Ubuntu.
I use the plugin keepasshttp to connected keepass with Chrome.

For keepass itself we isntall xsel tool to work around Mono clipboard bugs and the xdotool that is needed for auto-typing.
To use keepasshttp we have to install mono-complete otherwise the keepasshttp won’t compile and can’t be used.
To easily update keepasshttp I installed it by using git-core.

First install keepass with all dependencies:

sudo apt-get install keepass2 xsel xdotool git-core mono-complete

After that I installed keepasshttp based on the description by Jack David Baucum in his post Install KeePassHTTP on Ubuntu.

So next we create the plugin folder:

cd /usr/lib/keepass2/
sudo mkdir plugins
cd plugins

In the plugin folder we checkout the keepasshttp git repository:

sudo git clone -n --depth 1
cd keepasshttp
sudo git checkout HEAD KeePassHttp.plgx

Now you can see the advantage of using the git method instead of simply copying the  file to the directory: We can easily update the keepasshttp plugin by using git.

cd /usr/lib/keepass2/plugins/keepasshttp/
sudo git pull

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